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375 Park Avenue Spirits (US)
Van Gogh Vodka Nederland BV

Since 2000, we’ve been perfecting The Art of Vodka. As we strived to create a masterpiece worthy of the name Van Gogh, we recognized the importance of a distiller who shared our passion and commitment to crafting only the highest quality vodkas.


A third generation Master Distiller, Tim Vos’ childhood dream was to create a world-famous and celebrated spirit. Since 2001, Vos has done just that, elevating Van Gogh Vodka to a brand known globally for its smooth and authentic taste, wide palette of flavors and numerous awards.


Immeasurably skilled and immensely passionate, Vos meticulously handcrafts each of our vodkas using nothing by the finest ingredients and a unique, multi-step distillation process. Our signature Van Gogh Vodka is crafted from a premium blend of wheat sourced from Holland, Germany and France to give it a soft, well-balanced taste. Every flavor undergoes an all-natural double infusion process, giving each drop of vodka its vibrant, signature flavor.

Each sip of Van Gogh Vodka transports you to a fragrant apple orchard, a luxurious chocolate shop or your favorite coffee house. As a pioneer in the flavored vodka category, we have a continued commitment to detailed craftsmanship and only the highest quality ingredients. It’s no wonder The Spirit Journal calls Van Gogh Vodka “The best in the flavored vodka business, period.”