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32x VODKA PONG Red Cups (+10 balls)

24,95 €

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How do you play beer pong?
A game of beer pong is played with two teams throwing table tennis balls into the opposing team’s cups. When a cup is made, a player on the team must drink a pre-agreed volume of beer or spirits (p.e. 1/3 cup of beer or a small shot of vodka) and than remove the cup. The game is finished when a team has no more cups left.

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Who invented beer pong?

No one person is credited with inventing beer pong as the game was created as a variant of Beirut. In a game of Beirut, players use table tennis paddles to hit balls into cups. Beer pong evolved out of Beirut during the 70s and 80s when the popularity of basketball inspired players to throw the ping pong balls into cups instead of using paddles.

How do you set up a game of beer pong?
Beer pong games are setup as either 6 cup or 10 cup games. Each team must organize their cups in a triangle formation at their end of the table. Two additional cups filled with water (water cups) should be included to clean the ping pong balls between throws.


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