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  • Populares
    • Naturally infused Açai-blueberry flavored vodka from Holland.This violet-hued spirit combines the essence of the exotic Açai berry with the delectable blueberry.

      27,95 € 17,95 €
    • Naturally infused orange flavored vodka from Holland.A smooth and inviting blend of sweet Florida oranges.

      27,95 € 17,95 €
    • Naturally infused coffee flavored vodka from Holland.The original espresso vodka! Sophisticated with a delicious bittersweet coffee taste from Colombian beans complemented by a hint of citrus and a silky finish of espresso and cocoa.

      27,95 € 17,95 €
    • Naturally infused raspberry flavored vodka from Holland.A fresh yet vibrant taste featuring wild, sun-ripened raspberries from Europe.

      27,95 € 17,95 €
    • Naturally infused vanilla flavored vodka from Holland.Flavored from the finest vanilla beans grown near the equator, with a rich and luxurious taste.

      34,50 € 24,50 €
    • Naturally infused chocolate flavored vodka from Holland.A decadent chocolate experience.

      27,95 € 17,95 €
    • An ultra soft Dutch vodka made from an inviting blend of premium wheat from the Netherlands, Germany and France.

      27,95 € 17,95 €
    • How do you play beer pong?A game of beer pong is played with two teams throwing table tennis balls into the opposing team’s cups. When a cup is made, a player on the team must drink a pre-agreed volume of beer or spirits (p.e. 1/3 cup of beer or a small shot of vodka) and than remove the cup. The game is finished when a team has no more cups left.

      24,95 € 14,95 €
    • Naturally infused cherry flavored vodka from Holland.Black cherry blossoms with a naturally fresh cherry flavor with a hint of tartness.

      27,95 € 17,95 €
    • Naturally infused apple flavored vodka from Holland.

      27,95 € 17,95 €
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