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Van Gogh Premium Gin

34.50 €

New product

  • 700 ML.
  • 1 L.


This is a sophisticated blend that has lovely subtle but pure flavors that come together gracefully

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TASTING NOTES from Van Gogh Master Distiller, Tim Vos

The botanicals include coriander and licorice from the Middle East, angelica and juniper berries from the Netherlands, grains of paradise from West Africa, almonds from Spain, lemons from the United States, cassia bark from India, orris from southern Europe and cubeb berries from Indonesia. On the nose, it has a noticeable aroma of citrus tempered by a suggestion of licorice. In the mouth, the cassia bark and licorice mingle together brilliantly for a wonderful taste experience. Our gin finishes very smooth with nuances of lemon and almond.


• 4 Stars, The Spirit Journal

• 91 Points, Wine Enthusiast

• 90 Points, The Tasting Panel



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